Natto Fufu Co., Ltd


Nattofufu are a Japanese couple with a total of 3 million followers on social media. They are active worldwide, focusing on three main pillars: Entertainment, Health, and Japanese Language & Culture.


🎭Entertainment: They deliver fun videos for children around the world! They also regularly hold theater workshops and more!

おもしろ動画は以下をクリック!/ Click for fun videos below!

❤️Health: They produce traditional Japanese fermented foods and engage in their promotion abroad!

以下、我々の商品販売中!(数量限定) / Below, their products are on sale! (Limited quantities available)

🇯🇵Japanese Language and Culture: They provide content on Instagram and TikTok for people visiting Japan and learners of the Japanese language. As part of influencer marketing, they also accept requests to promote Japanese products and services overseas. They would be delighted to receive a DM on Instagram!