Philosophy in English

Corporate Philosophy

Our company was established in October 2021 with the desire to “contribute to the international community as Japanese.” While many people recognize us as a company selling natto (fermented soybeans), we are currently involved in businesses related to “Entertainment,” “Health,” and “Japanese Language & Culture.”

Firstly, regarding Entertainment, we distribute fun videos for children worldwide as comedy actors/YouTubers. Additionally, as a couple, we also host international events and international marriage ceremonies.

Next, concerning Health, we produce traditional Japanese fermented foods and actively work to spread unique Japanese foods overseas.

Lastly, in Japanese Language & Culture, we engage in social media broadcasting on Instagram and TikTok for foreigners visiting Japan and those learning Japanese. Utilizing our role as social media influencers, we work with inbound business operators and local governments to promote regional revitalization and multicultural coexistence.

Origin of the ‘Natto Couple’

Our greatest desire is to realize a world where people everywhere can live in peace.

To achieve this, it’s essential that the smallest social unit, the family, lives happily. We believe that it is most important for couples to cooperate and build a good relationship.

In our daily lives, we tend to forget the feelings of gratitude towards those close to us. To remember this sentiment, we thought of including “Couple” in our company name.

The reason we chose “Natto” is because “my wife loves natto so much she’d want it for her last meal,” “we faced the importance of a diet that boosts immunity during COVID, realizing the effectiveness of eating natto daily,” and “as a couple, we aim to work persistently and stick together like natto.”

We are committed to contributing to society through our activities and appreciate your support.

Katsunori Baba & Sanae Baba